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Why sponsor T-shirts for college cult Festival

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We provide networking support to companies that want to sponsor college fest T-shirts.  We will print and provide the T-shirts to colleges on your behalf and provide with money utilization report with pics and all the proof!!!

A culfest  (short for cultural festival) is an annual event organized by colleges in India. Many colleges in India have their own culfests.

Though in theory, cultural festivals can be organized by anybody, most of the major culfests are organized by colleges. In some Indian cities, the culfests of the local colleges are important community events. Many festivals may even attract national participation and International participation.

Sponsoring T shirts in the Cult Fest can provide extremely high level of branding in a very economical way to the sponsor company. 

Mostly organizing team members wear these T-shirts. Different Sub group members can be seen flouting different T-shirts in the cultural festivals in Indian colleges. Mostly T-shirts have all the logos of all the major sponsors of the events. At times T shirts will have only one logo ie of T- shirt sponsor.

Why sponsor T shirts for college events--

1) Student have emotional attachment with Fest T-shirts and many students keep the T-shirts as souvenirs for many years even after graduating.

2) Core Team of fest mostly includes strong leader, opinion formers and hardworking and popular students. Brands attached to T-shirts worn by such famous people of college creates a positivity towards the brand.

3) Economical way. Very high quality 100 T-shirts will just cost between Rs 20000-30000 only. 

List of culfests in India

Spring Fest — IIT Kharagpur

Sanskriti — Jadavpur University

Alcheringa — IIT Guwahati

Euphuism — Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management and 

Pyrokinesis — Assam Engineering College

Rendezvous — IIT Delhi

PECFEST — Punjab Engineering College

Pulse - AIIMS

Antaragni — IIT Kanpur

Aarohi — VNIT, Nagpur

Mood Indigo — IIT Bombay

Maharashtra utsav-Elphinstone College, Mumbai

Incident, Culfest of NITK Surathkal

Festember — National Institute of Technology, Trichy

Spring Spree — National Institute of Technology, Warangal

Spandan — Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & 

Deep Woods — Madras Christian College

Kuruksastra—Sastra, Thanjavur

Mesmerizer-Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkatta

Oasis- BITS Pilani

Saarang (IIT Madras), 

Antaragni (IIT Kanpur), 

Alma Fiesta (IIT Bhubaneswar),

Blithchron (IIT Gandhinagar)

Thomso (IIT Roorkee).

So if you are a company wanting to establish your brand amont the youth sponsor their T shirts.

DelhiTshirts can also suggest and connect you with popular college fest as we are very popular among the colleges for T-shirts printing.